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Plug and Play

Entry 214, on 2005-08-31 at 10:18:56 (Rating 2, Computers)

One of the basic tools I use every day as a computer consultant is my cell phone. I use it for voice and txt communications, of course, but also to connect my laptop computer to the Internet, to store dairy, and other information, and to play games if I get bored.

My previous phone was one of the best available when I got it, but cell phones date even more quickly than computers, and it has become hopelessly obsolete, so I was thinking about upgrading it soon. It was both a good and a bad thing when my old phone suddenly "died". It meant I couldn't give it to another member of the family to use, but it did mean I had a good excuse to get a new one immediately!

Vodafone have just introduced 3G services here in New Zealand, so it would be ridiculous not to get a 3G phone. I also wanted media ability (for music and podcasts when I don't have my iPod) and good connectivity with my Mac.

I visited a local Vodafone shop and decided on a phone, and I said to the salesman "can I test the Bluetooth connection to make sure it works?" He assured me it was better to use USB because he'd never got Bluetooth working. So I said "You've go a PC haven't you?" and sat my PowerBook on the desk. Just 30 seconds later the Mac was talking to the phone for Internet connections, synchronising the calendar and address book, and even allowing the phone to control it by remote control!

It was literally that easy. I didn't have to install any software and the only setting I had to enter was the bluetooth passphrase and a login name for the local cell network. This poor PC user was sort of blown away, I think. I just love doing that to them, just to show what plug and play really is. Windows just can't compete.


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