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Smeared Again

Entry 219, on 2005-09-08 at 13:42:28 (Rating 5, Politics)

Its not illegal for any organisation or individual to distribute material encouraging voters to vote a certain way, but it can be immoral if the campaign is secretive, full of half truths and lies, and based on hypocrisy.

The bizarre religious sect, the Exclusive Brethren, have been distributing material attacking the Green Party here recently. Initially they did it secretly, and the party they clearly support, National, claimed to know nothing about it. Now the Brethren have admitted they were responsible, but only after they were caught out through documents found by the Greens, and National have admitted they did know about it.

OK, its out in the open, like it should have been to start with. An ultra right-wing church supports National. That's fine. Anyone who wants to vote for a party influenced by a group like that is welcome to do so. Maybe Don Brash will end up being another great hero of the right like George Bush - the similarities with their crazy fundamentalist links are now obvious.

Apparently, the Exclusive Brethren don't vote because they consider God is responsible for certain parties winning elections. If they have that "hands off" approach why do they feel the need for this dirty tricks campaign? And if God is in charge anyway, why do they need to try to influence the outcome of the election?

I hope this will be the end of National's chances at the election. People should realise that any party involved with a group like this, as well as having numerous other worrying links, cannot be trusted. Now National should lose the election, Don Brash will resign, and we will get a more sensible, moderate leader for the party.

And this should also again demonstrate the hypocrisy of the extreme religious element. If there is any merit in Christianity at all, its in the moderate, forgiving teachings of Jesus (whether he's real or fictional doesn't matter) but the fundamentalists don't seem to follow that line. They often act in a less Christian way than a confirmed atheist like myself!


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