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Entry 220, on 2005-09-12 at 15:13:18 (Rating 3, Politics)

Sorry to go on about New Zealand politics, but it is just 5 days to the general election, so it just seems to be a topic that's just too hard to get away from! My latest rant, below, is really just a smart comment, and not to be taken too seriously... or is it? OK, you've been warned.

My family and I were wandering around the middle of town this weekend, and the local MPs for National and Labour were giving away balloons on the main street. Labour have been doing this for weeks, and National seem to have jumped on the bandwagon more recently.

So my kids went to the National team first and were basically told to go away, because the person in charge could remember already giving them one, which wasn't true. We have never had a National balloon at any time. OK, good PR guys! Anyway, we went across the road to the Labour team and are given balloons, even though we had been given them already on 2 previous weekends.

So I was thinking, maybe this reflects the philosophies of the two parties. National are so busy trying to keep things within budget, and to stop abuse of a free resource, that they get it all wrong. Labour give out a few extras here and there, but everyone who is entitled to something actually gets it.

As I said at the start, I'm not totally serious about this, but how can we trust a party to allocate the country's resources fairly when they can't even hand out a few balloons without totally mucking it up? I think this little incident speaks volumes on the underlying policies the parties are likely to introduce. I just hope this bunch of mean, nasty people get nowhere near control of our country!


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