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Entry 222, on 2005-09-14 at 13:30:05 (Rating 1, Computers)

For about the last year I have been hooked on the discussion forums (I don't call them chat rooms, because that term has bad connotations) at SpyMac. During the previous US presidential election I was quite active discussing politics, and after that I mainly discussed theology - mainly trying to advance atheism and show Christians how superficial most of their beliefs really were.

Near the end of last month SpyMac shut down their servers to do a long awaited upgrade to version 4 of their web operating system, but instead of being back up in a day or two, they are still down.

Now I admit I have probably got more work done, and talked to my family more since then, but I have also really missed the chance for robust discussion that went on there. Many of my fellow contributors were like friends, even though its highly unlikely I will ever meet them, I sort of felt like I knew them quite well. Of course, they could be quite different in real life than they are in their "virtual life" on SpyMac.

So SpyMac will soon be back on line and I'm wondering whether I should keep away so that I don't go back to wasting a lot of time there (but is it really wasted time?) Of course, I'll probably visit once to see what the new system is like, and get involved in an intense discussion regarding the pagan roots of Christianity, or something similarly inane, and that will be it - I'll be hooked again!


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