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PC or Not PC

Entry 242, on 2005-10-28 at 16:52:50 (Rating 3, Politics)

Its only taken one day and already the debacle predicted concerning the National Party's "political correctness eradicator" (see my blog entry from yesterday) has already started. Wayne Mapp, "the eradicator", named the Human Rights Commission as an organisation in need of fixing (whatever that means). Within a few hours another National MP, Paul Hutchison, released a statement supporting the Human Rights Commission and recommending the government should act on a report it created.

If the Human Rights Commission is so bogged down with PC that it needs fixed, how can we take its reports seriously? The answer is, its National that we can't take seriously. Picking on organisations through the use of some inprecise measure like political correctness is just a pathetic effort at gaining popular support. Hopefully people will see this for what it is and National's credibility will drop accordingly.


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