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Entry 270, on 2006-01-10 at 15:52:17 (Rating 1, Travel)

Today we had a little maritime adventure. We started early in the morning and drove over to Motueka, where we travelled by bus to a small seaside town of Marahau. We kayaked for 2 and a half hours to a sandy beach called Watering Cove. From there we walked over the hill to Anchorage where we boarded a catamaran and sailed up to Bark Bay, then finally back down to Kaiteriteri Beach.

It was an excellent, but quite tiring day. The kayaking was a lot more fun than I thought - even though my son, who I was sharing the kayak with, didn't do much of the paddling! But the highlight for me was the sailing. Unfortunately we spend most of the trip using the engine, but the time we did spend sailing was fantastic. When the yacht gets into a bit of wind it really flies along and the only sound is the hiss of the water against the hulls, and a bit of wind noise. Its very relaxing and I would love to do more some time - but how likely is that for a busy computer geek like me!


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