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Another Conspiracy

Entry 284, on 2006-02-13 at 15:55:15 (Rating 4, Politics)

I don't usually take a lot of notice of conspiracy theories, but one seems to be gaining in momentum recently, and it explains a lot of recent American foreign policy (if you can call starting wars and killing thousands of innocent people a policy). After all, not all conspiracy theories are false. Conspiracy has always been a significant method governments use to maintain control.

The theory is based around the plans of Iraq, and now Iran, to create their own oil market (or "bourse" which seems to be the technical term for a market for exchanging commodities such as oil) which would be based on the Euro, instead of the US dollar. The dire state of the US economy would become even worse if this happened, possibly resulting in a real economic disaster.

Obviously the Americans can't allow this to happen. It explains why they had to invade Iraq, with no good reason. Everyone knew the original excuse regarding weapons of mass destruction wasn't true. Maintaining the American control of oil was the obvious real reason, and this theory fills in the details nicely.

Now we see a similar situation with Iran. The excuse this time is similar: preventing development of nuclear weapons. But the nuclear non-proliferation treaty effects all partners, and the western world is continuing to develop new nuclear weapons. How can they expect Iran to keep to its side of the deal if they don't?

And there is considerable doubt about whether Iran has a genuine nuclear weapons program anyway. On the other hand, they have threatened to start a new oil exchange. Now, I wonder if that might be the real reason for the increasing American threats of action against them.

Of course the stupidity of the whole thing is that the US has just made things worse for itself. It has spent hundreds of billions on the Iraq war, which has become a disaster, just as many people predicted. If they had spent that amount on research into alternative fuels instead we might now have new fuel sources and the Middle East might have become irrelevant.

But of course, the neoconservatives of America use war as far more than a tool of global economic control. Its also a way to control the average voter, and convince him that this drastic action is needed to protect the "Land of the Free". What a joke that is!

So there's the conspiracy, in all its glory. Who knows how true it is. Like many theories, I'm sure there is at least an element of truth in it. Next week I will tell you who really shot JFK!


Comment 1 (176) by V on 2006-02-16 at 21:20:59:

I consider myself a hardcore conspiracy freak, but this permutation of the collapse of the US economy is new to me! I'm glad you posted this. I'm going to go to my fav conspiracy forums and check this out.


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