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A Bit of Bad Luck

Entry 315, on 2006-04-28 at 13:02:39 (Rating 2, Activities)

I've had a bit of bad luck recently - with several minor annoyances happening this week - but I'm taking it all philosophically, because I know that random events often occur in "clumps" and this is just part of that phenomenon.

You might remember from a previous blog that our new car developed a minor problem which needed to be repaired. That is one of the problems, but is also significant in another, so remember it for later. Otago has had some great weather recently, but a few days back it changed for the worse and we have had consistent rain for a few days. That's significant too.

OK, so the first problem was the car developing a fault with the emission sensor in the exhaust. No big problem, it just idles a little bit rough.

Earlier this week, we got quite a lot of rain, and Sharyn (my wife) asked if I should check the gutter which was over-flowing a bit. It didn't seem too bad and it was quite late, so I just ignored it until the next day. Of course we woke to find a few centimeters of water in our basement, from an overflowing down-pipe which pushed water in just the right direction to go through a vent. So I spent an hour in the rain unblocking it, and another hour starting to mop up the water. I wish I had spent a few minutes fixing the problem the previous night. Oh well, hindsight is a great thing.

Because it was so wet we had to dry our washing in our clothes drier, which had a fault which was getting progressively worse. The bearings for the drum needed replacing. I started on that last night. A couple of hours later I had pieces all over the laundry floor, and realised what a crappy piece of engineering this appliance really was! I eventually got the thing back together - with new bearings - and it still worked! The original screech had now been replaced with a grind. Whether this is a real repair, or not, I'm not sure.

This morning Sharyn took the car down to have the sensor replaced (remember that problem). She was going to walk back home, but because of the rain (remember that too?) she called me so I could collect her in our other car. On the way back I was stopped by a cop and issued a ticket for "speeding". I mean, doing 59 ks in a 50 k area isn't really speeding, is it? Well apparently it is. I hope the cop derives a lot of job satisfaction from persecuting innocent motorists who are already having a bad week!

Anyway, its Friday so the week is almost over, and with any luck it will all turn out fine in the end. The forecast is for better weather, so that would be a big bonus, at least.


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