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The Good

Entry 384, on 2006-08-23 at 17:33:44 (Rating 1, Activities)

Yesterday my son's school was closed so I had to stay at home for the day. The weather wasn't very good (the reason for the school closure was snow, which was expected but never really arrived) so we needed some indoor activities. My first thought was to watch a classic movie on DVD, and what could be more classic than "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". I have seen it before, of course, but Phillip hadn't so I thought it could be an interesting experience for him. Western movies don't seem to be very popular now, so the chances of seeing one on TV or at the movies are quite low.

Well, after the famous 10 and a half minute opening with no dialog he was beginning to wonder what was going on, but then the pace picked up and he was hooked (as was I, even though I'd seen it before). It really is a classic movie. It doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, and a lot of the acting seems stereotypical. But this is a 40 year old movie, its the others which have come after it which have copied it, I think. And the music soundtrack is perfect, of course. That music has come to symbolise the west.

Ironically the movie is a spaghetti western made by an Italian director in Spain. The finest western movie of all time isn't made in America! Of course, most of the actors are American (including the big star, a very young looking Clint Eastwood).

There are some great scenes in this movie. One of my favourites is the showdown between the three main characters: Tuco, Blondie, and Angel Eyes (don't you love those names) at the end when the camera switches from a close up of the eyes of the combatants. Another brilliant piece of understated action!


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