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Entry 389, on 2006-09-01 at 14:37:51 (Rating 1, Activities)

This entry is just an update on a few things that have been happening here recently.

Two weeks ago we had an extended weekend in Christchurch so the Nicole and Phillip could swim at the Wharenui swimming competition there. They did fairly well, with a couple of finalist ribbons, but no medals. The competition was quite tough, with teams from all over New Zealand, and even a team from Fiji.

Last weekend the kids played their last games of winter sport (rugby for Phillip, netball for Nicole) so we will have a lot more free time on Saturdays in future. Phillip was thinking of giving up playing but he had a really good game (he scored one try and had another disallowed) and has decided to continue playing next year. That's good because its fun to watch the games, but it also means we'll be committed to standing around cold rugby paddocks on Saturday mornings again next year.

On Wednesday night we attended a concert at the Dunedin Town Hall for some of the orchestras, choirs, and other musicians from local schools. Nicole was there playing the flute, which was the reason we went. Some of the music was really good, some was quite acceptable, and some was just OK, but overall it was a reasonable effort - and we got to hear the town hall organ played, which is always impressive!

Yesterday I was called home early because we had to have our old cat put down, and I was required for grave digging duties. Its always depressing when a pet dies (and worse when you need to make the decision to have them "put to sleep" as the vet so delicately puts it) but I always think that our pets get a really good life so we must be philosophical and look on the bright side.


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