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More Dangerous

Entry 392, on 2006-09-12 at 13:04:57 (Rating 4, Politics)

Yesterday our prime minister made the very courageous comment that she thinks the world is now more in danger of terrorism after the American attack on Iraq. My impression is that the majority of people world-wide believe the same thing, but the leader of a western democracy isn't expected to say this sort of thing, even if it is true. So well done Helen Clarke for having the courage to speak the truth even when it contradicts the American propaganda machine!

A survey run by the BBC showed that twice as many people think the west is losing the war against terrorism than think its winning. The same survey showed about 10% thought the world was now a safer place. Its obvious that the American "war on terror" is failing. That is assuming it really is a war on terror of course, which it obviously isn't. Its a war for control of oil, and a war to manipulate public opinion into supporting neo-conservative values. In that war America (and to a lesser extent other western countries) is definitely winning, and the world is a far worse place as a result.


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