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Entry 46, on 2004-07-08 at 16:28:07 (Rating 1, Travel)

We had pleasant weather today so I took a half day off and visited the albatross colony at Tairoa Head, at the entrance to Otago Harbour, Dunedin, New Zealand.

The thing about albatrosses is that they fly around out at sea and can only land when the wind is blowing sufficiently hard from the right direction. Because we had a clam, sunny day we were unlikely to see any adults flying, although there were several chicks in their nests.

Luckily a wind started blowing after we arrived and we were lucky enough to see an albatross land to feed its chick. The huge bird flying right over top of us a few times before it landed was really cool.

The albatross colony was really worth a visit so if you get the chance try it. Just check you are there at the right time of year and there is enough wind first!

You can see some photos, and a brief report on our visit, by using the link.

Link at: http://owen2.otago.ac.nz/owen/XuPersonal8/Dunedin20.html


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