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Completely Different

Entry 470, on 2007-02-05 at 19:09:53 (Rating 2, News)

And now for something completely different! My last two blog entries were kind of vicious attacks on prominent business figures, and I believe the criticism is valid but want to take on a few lighter subjects today.

First, I saw in a news report that Chewbecca has been arrested for head-butting a guide in Hollywood. He has been released on $20,000 bail, but what's the problem here? He helped save the Universe didn't he - surely we all owe him one. I think a lot of these cult fans do get a little bit carried away. Various other heroes, such as Superman saw the incident and were worried it might give them a bad name. How could someone who dresses up as Superman ever get a bad name?

Local radio personality, Kim Hill, has been reprimanded by her "superiors" (I always laugh when I see that term used) for mocking her station's own advertising campaign. I know people are expected to be team players, but a bit of satire is always OK as long as it doesn't get out of control. Many people think advertising campaigns are ludicrous anyway so what harm could mocking one really do?

Plainclothes police were posted to prevent the "Mexican wave" being performed at yesterday's Australia - New Zealand cricket match (by the way, we will beat the Aussies one day). Apparently there has been loutish behaviour and this is intended to stop it. It is unfortunate that the game is brought into disrepute by this sort of thing - at this rate it will be like an English soccer match! But is stifling the fun of crowds really the answer? If we continue to ban relatively harmless behaviour through the use of over-bearing police tactics whatever respect the police might still have will be further eroded. I don't think its a very sensible idea.


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