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Entry 476, on 2007-02-15 at 15:05:52 (Rating 2, Comments)

There are many things I hear and read about every day that I find upsetting, and they usually involve people showing real stupidly or corruption. One of the reasons I enjoy writing a fairly regular blog is that it often acts as a cathartic mechanism to release these feelings of antagonism.

Read back through this blog and you'll find tirades against whatever happened to be annoying me at the time. Common candidates were: politics, George Bush, religion, big business, superstition, etc.

Sometimes I get so serious about things that I feel the need to create something more permanent and go to the extra trouble of creating a web page on a particular subject. The latest example of this is my "philosophical attacks on evolution" web page, which I just completed this morning. At least, I have created version 1 of this page, because I hope to enhance it in the future.

The URL for this page is: here, so if this interests you I would really like any feedback you want to offer.

I have already started on a tirades against psychics which I hope to add into the skepticism section of my web site soon, so if you enjoy campaigns intended to destroy superstition wherever it exists stay tuned for future installments!

Link at: http://owen2.otago.ac.nz/owen/XuOtherPhilosophy/ReligionEvoPhilosophy.html


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