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Entry 488, on 2007-03-06 at 14:31:00 (Rating 1, Computers)

I seem to be becoming more Internet centered all the time. I spend less time in the real world, and more in the "virtual world" every day. Am I OK, or is this some kind of weird withdrawal from reality, maybe some sort of psychological problem? To show how bad its got, I'm describing this "problem" in a blog!

Seriously though, even though we have fairly poor Internet services in New Zealand I still find life on the Internet very convenient. Here's some examples: I spend little time reading the newspaper because on-line versions are more up to date and convenient. I don't listen to the radio much because I can download the more interesting shows as podcasts. I select videos from YouTube when the rest of the family is watching TV. I never write letters because if a person doesn't have email I don't want to communicate with them. I rarely use the phone because I prefer Skype. I have never written a diary but I try to write a blog entry most days. I've never written a book, but my web site has thousands of pages. I don't have printed photos because they all get displayed on my computer. I don't buy a lot of books because most of what I need is available on the web. I rarely argue (or debate) subjects such as religion and politics because discussion forums (including my blogs) are far better for that.

No doubt in a few years people will think: so what - isn't using the Internet and computer technologies for all those things just normal? I'm sure a lot of people reading this blog will also think that, because you are probably also Internet-centric. But to the "outside world" who haven't caught on to how good the 'net really is I suppose I will remain a weird techno-geek!


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