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Why Easter?

Entry 509, on 2007-04-07 at 22:17:21 (Rating 4, Comments)

What is the point of Easter? Well, it gives us all a much needed holiday before winter really starts (in the Southern hemisphere) and some people attach additional, religious meaning to it, apparently. A poll in the New Zealand Herald showed just over 40% of people found that Easter had some religious significance for them. That means almost 60% don't see any religious meaning to the second most significant Christian event. If they don't think Easter is significant, they presumably don't think the crucifixion happened as the Bible claims, and presumably they reject the truth of the whole story of Jesus. So maybe my belief that the story of Christ is totally, or almost totally, fabricated is gaining popularity.

A pastor in England wants to show scenes from the rather graphic movie, Passion of the Christ, during services to remind people of Christ's suffering. Another prominent church leader has been saying something to the effect of what was God doing letting his son suffer like that - he obviously isn't a very caring god to allow that to happen. So their is a great deal of disagreement in the church.

Christians will spew out some nonsensical story about Jesus being sacrificed to save us humans from sin. But has that worked? Aren't we just as sinful now as we were then? And how can allowing Jesus to die horribly help the rest of us? Its a childishly stupid myth which you would really have to be pretty naive to believe. It seems that even Christian leaders are starting to question it now - maybe they're finally using the enquiring mind that they believe their god gave them!

So, like Christmas which I treat as a mid winter/summer festival, I treat Easter as a Spring festival, celebrating new life and re-birth in the non-religious sense. Of course, its the wrong season here in the Southern hemisphere, but we don't have a lot of choice except to go along with the majority, and we do have the advantage of celebrating Christmas in the middle of summer.


Comment 60 (829) by OJB on 2007-09-06 at 13:54:47: (view earlier comments)

You are right about one thing: I do disagree with you! There is a difference between scientific, logical ways of establishing the truth, and faith. Religious people often resort to the accusation that science is just another faith when all else fails, but it just isn't true.

Science is based on clearly defined ways of examining the world: formal logic, empiricism, etc. Faith is a personal belief that something is true, irrespective of the objective facts. Most faith based beliefs have a highly emotional aspect to them. Its hard to see how anyone could have an emotional attachment to evolution or the big bang.

The lack of emotion means we aren't scared to disprove any theory. And I do closely examine any new evidence or information which might contradict an established theory. Honestly, a real alternative to the big bang or evolution would be one of the most exciting things I can imagine.


Comment 61 (836) by Student on 2007-09-09 at 11:36:40:

What about the cow. Do you know its ancestor?


Comment 62 (837) by OJB on 2007-09-09 at 14:18:28:

The ancestor of the cow? Where did that question come from? I seem to remember reading somewhere there was a common ancestor even before aquatic mammals branched off but I can't remember the source. How far back do you want to go? Also, is this a rhetorical question, i.e. do you know the answer?

Getting back to the original debate: I have shown you several pieces of solid, objective evidence supporting the Big Bang. Can you give me any real evidence at all supporting an alternative theory?


Comment 63 (839) by Student on 2007-09-10 at 07:42:02:

The way I think of it is that we Christians believe in the Bible and believe that it is true, yes we have evidence outside the Bible, but the Bible is our foundation.
But, evolution will always have that missing link. It will never fully be complete. That is why it is still a theory.


Comment 64 (840) by OJB on 2007-09-10 at 10:23:49:

Well there's no logic in your statement at all. There is far more evidence against the Bible than there is supporting it. Most of it is simple myth. In fact, let's not mix words here, its garbage. if you base your belief on garbage then you will believe garbage. If that's what you want then good luck to you.

As far as theories are concerned. If I had a dollar for every time I heard this junk I would be rich. OK, calling all Christians, listen carefully: a theory in science is not what people would call a theory in everyday life. Its a carefully considered and well supported explanation of a phenomenon. Something which is an idea yet to be tested is called a hypothesis.

And yes, you are right, evolution isn't 100% proven. But nothing ever is. There is always room for doubt no matter how certain something seems. In science we accept the best theory while conceding that new evidence might show it to be untrue. Evolution is constantly being reinforced with new evidence. Not only is it the best theory, it is (practically speaking) the *only* theory.


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