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Entry 529, on 2007-05-09 at 21:37:08 (Rating 3, News)

Famous British astronomy TV presenter Patrick Moore blames women for what he calls banal TV. He claims standards on BBC TV are deteriorating because the BBC is "run by women". I looked up the Wikipedia entry for the BBC and there are a lot of women on the board, even though the chairman is a man. Of course, this means nothing. The first question is: has the standard of TV really dropped, and the second is: if it has, can we blame a particular factor, such as women.

I suspect it would be difficult to establish a link, considering a lot of quality evaluation is subjective. And even if we accept that TV standards have dropped, which most people probably would agree with, the BBC still has some of the highest standards based on the programs I have seen, so maybe the women have stopped the decline which has been worse elsewhere. Actually, I also doubt that.

We have a lot of women in positions of power here in New Zealand, and the one thing which has become apparent is that they are just as incompetent as the men. We really do live in an age of equality!

Moore thinks there should be separate channels for men and women. That seems a bit extreme, and because of the way TV is likely to change in the next few years, its probably unnecessary. With new technology we will be able to download, store, and play any TV we want any time, so if we wanted to watch "intelligent" TV 24/7 we could. The same phenomenon has already started happening with podcasts replacing radio broadcasts.

Patrick Moore has been doing his TV program, The Sky at Night, for 50 years, he's an 84 year old bachelor (not that there's anything wrong with that), and he's clearly an eccentric character, so this sort of non politically correct opinion shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone. Its great that characters like him exist and can express an opinion like that, but it really can't be taken too seriously.


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