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Mutual Admiration

Entry 536, on 2007-05-18 at 17:24:35 (Rating 4, Politics)

Who do Tony Blair and George Bush think they are fooling? They meet in Washington and say nice things about each other - probably because no one else is saying anything very nice. They say they wouldn't change anything about their actions. Really? They must be completely out of touch with reality then.

They are both on the way out in politics so what's the harm in admitting they were wrong? Actually Bush did admit that he might have been partly responsible for Blair leaving politics, but that's about as far as it went. An admission of regret might give us a slightly better impression of them than we have now, but that just doesn't seem to be an option.

Instead of an apology, here's what they would say: we have been responsible for dragging two countries into total chaos, we attacked a country based on false information, we have been responsible for 100,000 civilian deaths and for the death of thousands of our own troops, but we wouldn't do anything different if we had the chance over again.

Perhaps in the Bush and Blair mutual admiration society that sort of thing is acceptable, but for the rest of us its just not good enough.


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