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The Earth is Flat

Entry 565, on 2007-07-02 at 16:03:35 (Rating 2, Science)

If I try really hard I can "prove" anything. If I didn't have a lot of personal knowledge of a topic and I listen to someone who supports any belief they can sound convincing. There is evidence to support any belief, but pretending a belief is true by simply quoting some information which supports it proves nothing. To demonstrate my point, let me show you how the Earth is flat.

In reality the Earth is a disk which is about 40,000 kilometers wide. The Sun and Moon are also disks at about 7000 kilometers distance and they are about 50 kilometers in diameter. We only see one side of the Moon because it only has one side - its a disk. The shadows we see at different locations on the Earth are consistent with a spotlight Sun at the altitude I quoted above. Total eclipses happen because the Sun and Moon really are the same size, conventional science relies on a bizarre coincidence of distance and size to explain this.

Some people claim that a ship's mast gradually disappearing over the horizon proves the Earth is a sphere, but in reality this is caused by atmospheric refraction and an experiment performed 150 years ago using carefully positioned floats showed the ocean really is flat. Refraction near the horizon is a well accepted phenomenon. Look at photos of sunsets to see this happening.

High altitude balloon photography at first seemed to show a curved horizon but after further analysis we now know this was caused by wide angle lens distortion, a phenomena you can read about in many sources.

Scientists don't really understand gravity. Look in any source of information about modern physics and you'll see how they still can't create a theory which explains gravity in a way which is consistent with the other forces. This is because gravity doesn't exist. The force we feel on Earth is due to the flat Earth accelerating upward at 9.8 meters per second squared. The recent discovery of "dark energy" which causes the previously unknown (to conventional science) acceleration of the Universe fits this theory. Also, no one has shown gravitational force between two objects on the Earth.

Many ancient civilisations believed the Earth is flat and the idea is supported in many books which have been shown to be accurate, such as the Bible. Modern science rejects the idea because the humiliation of admitting they are wrong and the ancients were right isn't acceptable to them.

A global conspiracy has grown to support the spherical Earth idea because many scientists and organisations rely on it for their survival. Various organisations, such as NASA, exist simply to fool people into believing the spherical Earth delusion. Humans have never been to the Moon. Have a look at numerous sources which clearly demonstrate the Moon missions were all faked. For example, how could the flag wave in the breeze on an airless Moon?

As you can see, there is good evidence to support a flat Earth. Just walk outside and look around. Does the Earth look spherical? Of course not. Its time that this fake belief of modern science was exposed for what it is. And other science lies should follow, such as: evolution, which common sense clearly shows is untrue; the big bang, which scientists believe based on the most flimsy evidence; and quantum physics - read about this and you'll see it is completely ridiculous.


Comment 1 (691) by Anon on 2007-07-04 at 19:50:04:

Ha ha ha! I had to read the first paragraph again to check whether you were serious or not. I thought maybe you really did believe that stuff. You just about converted me into a flat earther!


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