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Apple Number 1

Entry 569, on 2007-07-06 at 16:53:06 (Rating 1, Computers)

Could Apple's Mac OS X be heading towards being the number one computer operating system in the world? Microsoft have emphasised how quickly Vista has been taken up by new users, but those stats were highly dubious of course.

If we are going to to indulge in dubious stats why not take account of the huge uptake of Mac OS X in the iPhone into the OS use stats? In the first weekend Apple have sold 700,000 units. That means they will sell 127 million units per year. That shouldn't take long to overtake Windows as the world's most widely used OS!

I'm not totally serious here, because the use of Mac OS X in devices like the iPhone, Apple TV, and future iPods doesn't necessarily create that much of an advantage for users of the OS on Macs, which is what I'm really interested in. But the fact that Mac OS X is so flexible that it can be used without major modification in so many diverse applications shows to me that it is the best general purpose system out there. Yes, I know Linux is also easily adaptable to a wide variety of applications, but it isn't quite as functional as a general desktop OS for the average user in my opinion.

So I think this is the beginning of something big, and it fits in with my "demise of Microsoft" predictions that I have made recently. So remember when Apple is announced as the maker of the world's most widely used system, you read it here today!


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