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A Month of Broadband

Entry 59, on 2004-09-29 at 16:26:13 (Rating 1, Computers)

I have just completed my first month of using an ADSL broadband connection at home. My limit was 1 GB of data (equivalent to 1024M) and I used 1024.087 by the end of the month. This was just for basic Web surfing, checking and sending email, and a few smaller downloads.

Obviously if I decide to do a lot of downloading, especially of larger items like music or movies, 1G is going to be hopelessly inadequate and 3G will be an absolute minimum.

There are now 7 computers at home connected together with 100 Mb/s Ethernet and then permanently onto the Internet using the 256 Kb/s ADSL. Its quite a good system, although as I said above I could use a lot more than 1G per month, and faster speed would always be useful. On the other hand, it is the cheapest deal available at $40 per month, so overall I'm happy with it.


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