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I've Got the Answer!

Entry 604, on 2007-09-08 at 21:16:17 (Rating 4, News)

A recent report showed that phone services in New Zealand are amongst the worst value in the OECD, with many services being at or near the bottom. Coincidentally a news report from a few days earlier told us that Telecom (our main phone company) paid its former CEO $5.125 million in cash when she left. She was a complete waste of space so I suppose it was worth almost anything to get rid of her, but I do object to this sort of deal because its the consumer who pays.

Another annoying thing about Telecom is their tedious television advertisements. They spend a fortune trying to persuade us that their half-assed services and products are OK when they are actually crap. It wouldn't be so bad if they were cheap, but we seem to get the worst of both worlds: junk service and high prices.

But I have an answer! Telecom is a phone company. Why don't they spend some money on setting up a decent phone system? Obviously the successive CEOs have considered it more important to pay the top management huge salaries and drive us all crazy with inane advertising, and that's why the service is so bad. So I offer this advice to Telecom for free - that's right, it won't cost $5 million!

I don't use Telecom and never will, and I know that the competition is also pretty useless. I often have people ask me what I think of Vodafone (Telecom's rival for cell phones in new Zealand - my family has 4 Vodafone phones) and I tell people they are completely useless. When asked why I don't use Telecom instead, I casually remark: they're even worse!


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