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Warcraft III

Entry 61, on 2004-10-02 at 16:49:00 (Rating 1, Computers)

Phillip recently got the computer game "Warcraft III" as an early birthday present (the game has been around a while now but we have only had the demo version up until now). Needless to say many hours have since been spent playing it (both Phillip and me). The graphics and sound in this game are quite spectacular, and its easy to play the basics at least - Phillip is already quite competent.

And its really quite a fun game to play! You can represent the humans, orcs, elves or the undead; and have different capabilities accordingly. Different types of game play are possible: campaign, custom games, multi-player, and on-line (on the Internet against multiple players).

While the game has some strengths, such as planning development of a city, and deciding on which branches of "technology" to pursue; the strategy in the battles is a bit weak, in my opinion. There is no computer game I have played yet which is as good as Myth (especially versions 1 and 2 - version 3 isn't so good) as far as the fun and subtlety in the tactics involved in the battles is concerned.


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