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Entry 711, on 2008-03-02 at 20:57:45 (Rating 1, Comments)

Note that I have posted this entry to all of my blogs but it only applies to my main blog at www.ojb.co.nz/blog, not the versions at SpyMac and BlogSpot.

This weekend I have added some new features to my blog system. First, I have fixed a bug with the preview function which cut the text off after a double quote when the comment was previewed. And I have added some features to make keeping track of the entries you have commented on easier. In the last column (which shows the number of comments made for that entry) if the number is red there is at least one comment newer than one week. Its also possible to only show entries with comments newer than a week or to show entries which you (or any other user) have commented on. These functions are available through the text links near the top of the page. Please try these functions out and notify me if you find any bugs. I wrote this blog system (using PHP and MySQL) completely from scratch myself and I could easily have made a few errors in the programming.


Comment 8 (1313) by OJB on 2008-03-21 at 13:28:21: (view earlier comments)

I found a bug which caused the comment not to display in the preview if there was a new line in it. Obviously, this was quite common. I was searching for and replacing carriage returns but not line feeds. So I now handle both.

For example, this multi-paragraph entry now previews correctly.


Comment 9 (1319) by SBFL on 2008-03-21 at 22:13:08:

Yeah, every time I fly down to Dunedin from Auckland I feel like I've landed in Antarctica. at least it gives me the chance to use the turtle-necks my mum gave me!

Re 1 Yes, good idea, and you could expand to include any comments made on the thread, like Blogger does (give the option).

Re 2 Don't quite follow this. You are meaning the main page...list is?

How about reciprocating links with other blogs to gain some exposure? May boost the comments.

WF99 has gone? - hope it wasn't because of that time I called him your lackey (or words to that affect)!


Comment 10 (1330) by OJB on 2008-03-22 at 20:12:42:

The problem with Dunedin weather is that it can get cold at any time, even in summer. But we do have good weather occasionally! Of course, I find it very superficial that some people can't see past the weather when commenting on a place. BTW I come form Invercargill originally!

I'll look at adding the email feature soon.

I have already added a feature which will list all the entries you have commented on but someone else has commented on since you, so it shows entries where someone else might have replied to your comment. Just click "Replies".

WF99 was living with his fundie parents who didn't think the discussions we were having here were appropriate.


Comment 11 (1341) by SBFL on 2008-03-30 at 21:56:08:

Weather is important! - why do so many Kiwis move to Queensland?

Actually that "My Comments" function seems to do the trick. Didn't realise it was there.

Re WF99 - you're pulling my leg right?


Comment 12 (1365) by OJB on 2008-04-01 at 11:34:44:

I thought people moved to Aus because of how bad NZ was as a result of this current government. At least that's what my right leaning friends tell me!

No, its true. WF99 is a American teenager who contacted me through GodTube (a religious movie site I have been banned from) and the discussion went from there.


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