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Playing with Computers

Entry 751, on 2008-04-22 at 20:24:09 (Rating 3, Activities)

I've recently had a bit of difficulty finding time to write blog entries which are up to my usual high standards (I'm so modest). This is because I've had a lot of work to do. I hate the way that work sometimes gets in the way of blogging, podcasting, getting involved in discussion forums, and downloading and evaluating new software, but they won't pay me to do those things so I suppose I'll just have to fit them in when I can.

The good thing about this situation is that it is partly because more people at work are getting new Macs which need to be set up. Macs have always been popular at the University I work at but they seem to be enjoying a new wave of acceptability (except with the die hard Mac haters) now that they have the option of running Windows as well. The even better thing is that most people rarely, if ever, use the Windows capability because the Mac does everything they need.

When I first got an Intel Mac I thought it would be great to be able to run some Windows software - I even went out and bought some Windows games which I have never used. I do use Windows to test that my web sites and databases work properly in IE6 and 7, which don't follow the standards very well, but that's about all.

The other work which is adding up is database work. there always seems to be new projects, enhancements, bug fixes, and fine tuning involved. Plus there are my web, file and backup servers to look after. Its amazing I have time to blog at all really!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I do a lot of private work as well, and I'm doing some web site work for free for a charitable auction at the moment. Plus my family seem to think I should be spending time with them! How unreasonable is that? I mean, I don't mind playing multi-player network computer games with the kids, but domestic duties like cooking are a bit unreasonable!

So that's my life at the moment. Its just as well I like playing with computers because otherwise it wouldn't be much fun at all!


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