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More Wackiness

Entry 753, on 2008-04-24 at 21:02:49 (Rating 3, News)

Yesterday I blogged about how "wacky" I thought the proposal to re-site the prime meridian to Mecca was. I really meant the lighthearted treatment of the subject to act as a symbol of the disdain I have for religious people trying to push their beliefs on the world as a whole, and especially on science. But today I have a true example of wackiness. This is probably the best example since my blog entry of 2004-09-15 titled "Strange Behavior". Actually, its better than that.

The headline was "Drunk Darth Vader's Jedi assault" and it described an attack by Arwel Wynne Hughes who imitated Darth Vader by wearing a bin bag and attacking Star Wars fans with a metal crutch. Apparently the Jedi fans, who had founded a Jedi Church, had been engaging in light sabre battles before the attack.

But what did they expect? I mean when the ultimate symbol of evil saw these Jedis he had to attack, didn't he? And now the Jedis are complaining because one has a headache and the another has a bruise on his thigh! Well, boo hoo. Luke Skywalker would be ashamed of them! They sure don't make Jedis as tough as they used too!

According to the church members they take their "religion" seriously. It seems a bit pathetic to take Vader to court because he hit them. Did Obi wan Kenobi say "If you strike me down I will take you to court". No! That's not cool at all.

Actually Vader now seems to be somewhat less than his former self as well. At the time he was drunk as a result of drinking almost 10 litres of cheap wine and was dressed in a black bin bag. Even the bad guys have no style any more!

Another small humorous part of the story came from the judge, Andrew Shaw, who issued an arrest warrant for Vader when he was late for his court appearance, and added: "I hope the force will soon be with him."

The defence lawyer said both men (the Jedis) were left upset by the incident and they believed it was pre-planned, and that the pair believe "very strongly in the church and their religion". Hughes (Vader) could not remember the incident and only realised what had happened when he read about it in local newspapers. He said alcohol was "ruining his life" and he had no idea where he got the crutch from. Hughes had previous convictions, including affray, assault and disorderly behaviour (there was no mention of destroying planets and trying to take over the galaxy).

I guess in some ways its a bit sad that this guy is an alcoholic, but at least he provides a bit of humour when he engages in unruly behaviour, and a headache and a bruise is a small price to pay for that sort of entertainment!


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