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Entry 76, on 2004-10-29 at 14:01:55 (Rating 1, Politics)

I heard today (again through my major news source, National Radio) that a report has been released in the USA which gives an accurate estimate of the casualties in Iraq since the US invaded. The number is around 100,000. This is the number attributable to the war itself, on top of the previous casualty rate because of lack of health systems, political unrest, etc.

The survey results are being published in the prestigious medical journal, the Lancet, and the methodology used to gather them seems scientifically valid (random sampling, etc) so I think the number can be considered accurate. So we must accept that the USA has killed 100,000 people in Iraq - mainly innocent civilians, including women and children - because of an illegal war (whether it should be possible to have a legal war is another issue). Even if removing Saddam Hussein from power was a good thing (and I don't necessarily accept it was), was it worth the cost of 100,000 lives?

So, when is the UN and the international community going to do something about this? The US would appear to be the most dangerous terrorist nation in the world. The casualties in this war make the 9/11 attack look fairly insignificant in comparison. Surely we should be putting pressure on them to stop this sort of behavior, otherwise who will be next? Apparently this sort of casualty rate is acceptable to the US in order to further its political agenda overseas.


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