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American Election

Entry 77, on 2004-11-01 at 15:20:22 (Rating 4, Politics)

It was interesting to listen to an interview this morning to an American academic (who admitted to being a Kerry supporter) giving his views on how the tape from Osama Bin Laden would affect the outcome of the US election.

He said that it would give Bush an advantage because the paranoid voters of America will be so concerned with the threat they will vote for Bush because they think (probably inaccurately) he would make America safer. Of course, this is exactly what Bin Laden wants. Extreme groups like his have done very well out of the Americans bumbling around offending half the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, it looks like Bush might win the election. What a disaster that would be. Bush has said God told him to invade Iraq! There's only two explanations for that: one, he genuinely thinks that, in which case he is mentally unstable; or two, its a story he invented, in which case he's a cynical liar.

Let's just hope its explanation number two. Politicians who lie I can cope with, in fact its to be expected. Paranoiac delusions of grandeur are more of a worry!


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