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Entry 787, on 2008-06-05 at 20:27:51 (Rating 1, Computers)

There are two times of the year that guarantee a lot of excitement in the Apple world. The first is MacWorld near the start of the year, and the second is the World Wide Developers' Conference near the middle of the year. This year WWDC starts on the 9th (New Zealand time) and I am going!

I have been to one WWDC before many years ago when Apple was going through a less successful period than they are now. There was some interesting technology being developed at that point but when I look back through my notes from that conference it all went nowhere. Of course I reported back how great it all was potentially, but that word "potentially" is a dangerous one because there have been a lot of technologies with great potential which got nowhere.

This year I will be at the Steve Jobs keynote experiencing the legendary reality distortion field for the first time. The last Apple conference I went to was during Jobs' absence from the company - yes, it was that long ago! I think that will be like an almost religious experience for an Apple fan like myself.

But what new products are likely to be shown at the conference this year? Well, the next generation iPhone seems almost certain. More recent rumours have suggested a tablet Mac and a pre-release version of Mac OS X 10.6. This is a developers' conference so I would assume they are likely to want to introduce products which require developer participation. The next version of the operating system seems a likely candidate. And the development platform for the next iPhone also seems reasonable.

I don't currently have an iPhone because I have been waiting for the 3G version plus official support in New Zealand, but I will be in line to buy one as soon as the next model is available, especially if it has GPS abilities. I have a few programming ideas for that sort of platform already!

So in two days I will be off to San Francisco and I hope to be blogging, twittering, and maybe even podcasting from the conference. Stay in touch for updates on Apple, plus my other adventures around the San Francisco area.

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Comment 1 (1467) by Anonymous on 2008-06-20 at 21:10:03:

No tablet Mac was there? How long has that rumor been around now? I didn't think Jobs liked that sort of device so maybe Apple will never make one.


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