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OK, Its Over

Entry 80, on 2004-11-04 at 15:22:47 (Rating 4, Politics)

If you have been following by blog entries recently you will probably know that I'm not too happy with the outcome of the election in the US. I would never have had any great faith in Kerry if he had won, of course, but compared with Bush he seemed the lesser of two evils. In politics its usually about choosing the least bad person, as opposed to the best.

The surveys revealed that the big issue most people voted on was "morality". What the hell Bush's policies had to do with morality, I have no idea. Another big influence was religion. Bush was seen as being more serious about his Christian beliefs than Kerry.

I know that Bush isn't the brightest leader we've ever seen, so maybe he's a slow reader. How else could you explain the fact that although he claims to be a moralistic Christian he follows few, if any, of the teachings of Christ? My theory is he has read the Old Testament (you know, the bits about fire and brimstone, and an eye for an eye, and all that) but hasn't got on to the more forgiving New Testament yet. He certainly doesn't seem to hold any of the views taught in the New Testament such as forgiveness, helping those less well off than yourself, etc.

And I bet our old friend Osama bin Laden is having a good laugh over all of this. The tape he released just before the election has achieved exactly what he wanted. Its returned a bumbling idiot to power and ensured that the US will continue to offend almost every other nation on Earth, especially in the Middle East, thus creating an environment where terrorism can flourish. The world a safer place? I don't think so!


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