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I Must Resist

Entry 814, on 2008-07-16 at 22:37:34 (Rating 2, Computers)

Since the iPhone 3G was released in New Zealand almost a week ago I have been telling myself that the plan is too expensive and that I shouldn't really buy one. The plan actually is expensive but so are all cell phone communications here because there is no real competition between the main carriers. So I am now starting to tell myself that NZ$80 per month and about $500 for the phone isn't actually that bad. But I must resist!

Its surprising how many people around here already have an iPhone - but they mainly have the original model which has been "hacked" to work on New Zealand's cell network unofficially. I have already met one person, who is less of a techno-geek than me, and who has bought a 3G on the $80 plan. So it seems that I will be unable to resist for long. Every time I walk past a Vodafone store I am very tempted to walk in and do some damage to the credit card.

Its not that I am a superficial person who attaches undue importance to consumer electronic devices... Actually, who am I kidding? Yes I am. I love gadgets - especially Apple gadgets - and the iPhone is the ultimate gadget right now.

But in my own defence I have to say that all my gadgets get used a lot. So I don't just buy expensive toys so that I can say I have them, then not use them. All of my stuff gets a good thrashing every day and is used as much as possible: my laptop for sure, but also my iPod, cell phone, digital SLR camera, expensive stereo system, telescope (weather permitting), etc.

So it will be interesting to see how long it takes before I have an iPhone and then I can blog about what a great device it is!


Comment 1 (1495) by SBFL on 2008-07-16 at 23:18:11:

OJB said "Its not that I am a superficial person who attaches undue importance to consumer electronic devices... Actually, who am I kidding? Yes I am."...nice, you are human afterall! iPhone was released July 12th? Let's see how long you can hold out. Haha!!


Comment 2 (1508) by OJB on 2008-07-17 at 10:20:27:

I would have one now except my wife has informed me we are currently on some sort of money saving campaign!


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