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Guy Fawkes

Entry 82, on 2004-11-08 at 15:14:08 (Rating 1, Activities)

Last Friday the 5th was Guy Fawkes day, an English celebration of the capture of the infamous figure, Guy Fawkes, who was caught trying to blow up the English parliament in 1605. The traditional celebration is to burn an effigy of Guy on a bonfire and to let off fireworks - quite appropriate considering how much gunpowder he was caught with!

Today, of course, someone trying to blow up our politicians would probably be rewarded instead of being tortured and executed, like Fawkes was. In fact many people don't seem to distinguish between celebrating the attempted act of treason itself, and the fact that it was thwarted!

I did a bit of research on the celebration and was surprised to see it isn't widely celebrated around the world. According to one site, only England, New Zealand, and Nova Scotia still celebrate it. I though that most ex British colonies might have.

Anyway, we fired off a few fireworks on Saturday night because its late before it gets dark at this time of year and we get up early on Saturday. We went to a sad movie first and to cheer everyone up at the end of it I said "OK, let's go home and blow something up!". In the photo you can see Nicole dancing around with a couple of sparklers in her hands.

Link at: http://www.innotts.co.uk/asperges/fawkes/indexx.html


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