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Entry 824, on 2008-08-01 at 20:35:08 (Rating 5, Religion)

I was thinking about the response I got recently to one of my blog entries where I pontificated about why God hadn't made the world a better place. An on-line friend basically said sure the world isn't that great but the next life will be a lot better.

Well, at least it will be for anyone who goes to heaven (which wouldn't include me). But anyone who didn't make it to heaven might wish he was back on this imperfect Earth. On the other hand, many Christians say that Hell is just being in a place away from God and that would suit me fine, so maybe the next world isn't so bad either way.

So they are saying forget this life, no matter how bad it is, and concentrate on the next one instead. This is quite a common excuse. I remember many years ago that the minister for our wedding used that excuse for the bad stuff in our world when I "had a little talk to home about my religious beliefs".

So I was thinking about his and wondered what happens to animals? If animals go to heaven too then they must have a soul, right? So doesn't that make them basically the same as humans? But if they don't have a soul they have to suffer through this world without any hope of getting to the next. Think of all the cute puppies and kittens, the intelligent dolphins, the magnificent whales, etc. Does God just create them on this world full of suffering and then let them die?

And what is the reason for the world being so bad? The Fall right? That is human's fault yet they are the only ones who get the good life after this one. Does this really make sense? Is this really fair? Would a real world really act this way?

Of course not. Its all a pile of mindless crap and when you follow the logic of Christian beliefs to their ultimate conclusion like I have here its obvious they are just silly fairy stories. On the other hand, maybe someone has an excuse for this one too. I'd like to hear what that might be!


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