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Mouthpiece for Satan

Entry 878, on 2008-10-29 at 22:04:50 (Rating 5, Religion)

I recently listened to a podcast in the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe series where they discussed a fundamentalist Christian's criticism of the podcast. The blogger's name is Alexander Cornswalled and he describes himself as a Midwestern conservative Christian. I would describe him as a raving lunatic.

OK, before I start seriously dissing this idiot I first need to include a disclaimer. This criticism of an extreme religious freak is not meant to imply that all religious people are similarly delusional, dangerous, or problematic in any other ways. I will say two things though. First, all religious people share some or all of the negative traits I describe here but to a lesser degree. And second, the fact that this person's views don't represent the opinion of the majority doesn't mean this sort of world view isn't dangerous.

People who live in other countries might be excused for thinking that fundamentalism isn't a problem. But it is in the US which is the scientific and cultural leader for the world, and it is spreading to other areas of the world, or at least fundies are trying to spread it although I hope they continue to have little success.

So what is my problem with this blogger's opinions? Let's have a look at some of his statements...

He says: "The hosts pretty much accept global warming as gospel truth and they're all unapologetic atheists." I would have thought that "gospel truth" would have included a large element of faith, but faith is one thing that skeptics don't have and religious people often criticise them for this. So this seems to be nonsense. Yes, they are all unapologetic atheists. Is he suggesting they should be apologetic for being atheists? I can't see any reason why they should.

He then goes on to say: "They go so far as to routinely ridicule Christians for having religious beliefs." In my opinion this podcast is too careful in steering away from this sort of criticism. In fact they don't routinely ridicule religious belief at all. But I do. Anyone who really believes this fundamentalist nonsense is no better than a member of a primitive tribe worshipping spirits and ghosts. Anyone who really believes Christianity is a total idiot who is tied up in a ridiculous stupid little world of self delusion. That is ridiculing religion and its an example what SGU doesn't do.

He then says; "It's [the podcast] a propaganda mouthpiece for Satan and his followers. The content is a lock step repetition of the same humanist lies that have plagued the United States since the invention of the separation of Church and State fiction." But it seems that the mouthpiece of Satan is speaking the truth, because all of the information in the podcast can be backed up with evidence and facts. This implies that he and his religious friends, who are the mouthpiece of god are distributing the lies. Being branded the mouthpiece of Satan is, in some ways, the ultimate compliment because it means they have found the real facts.

Finally there is this: "Despite everything these people are doing to drag souls to Hell, I can't help but pity such lost, hopeless, pathetic creatures." I think the feeling is mutual because its Cornswalled who is really the lost, pathetic creature. He lives in a world of total delusion and its him who is dragging people into hell (figuratively, of course). I can't imagine anything worse than being so full of sick intolerance and self-righteous bigotry.

Apparently this person also subscribes to other delusory beliefs. He seems to deny global warming, for example. And he rejects vaccination because disease is a punishment from God and it is sinful to try to avoid that punishment. I wonder how many times during his life he has made use of modern medicine and not realised how much he was sinning! Really, anyone who encourages others to avoid medical interventions which can prevent disease is really doing the work of an evil agency (maybe that agency is whatever Fundie church he belongs too).

I know one thing for sure. if there really is a god and he judges us in someways its lying idiots like Cornswalled who will be judged as deficient, not the people who have the intelligence to see the real truth, whether its through humanism, science, skepticism, or any other fact-based world view.

Link at: http://www.cornswalled.com/2008/09/podcast-reviews-skeptics-guide-to.html


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