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Science is Beautiful

Entry 88, on 2004-11-19 at 11:22:15 (Rating 1, Science)

I have been reading a book which covers the great discoveries of science in the last few hundred years and it really is turning out to be quite interesting. Its actually just popular science - and the information is fairly basic for someone with a background in science, like me - but it has turned out to be a good overview and joins all the threads together, as well as covering the history, which is an area I don't know so much about.

My conclusion is that science is beautiful. Many people think science is about boring people in lab coats mixing chemicals, or untidy Einstein types dreaming up theories with no possible relevance. Well, to be honest, that is part of it, but when you look at the big picture its a lot more than that, and a lot more fascinating that you might think.

I have also been involved in some debates with Christians who claim followers of science are lacking in soul, or can't appreciate the beauty in the world. I completely disagree. I think its the people who truly understand what they are experiencing who appreciate it more. For example, because of my knowledge of astronomy I appreciate the night sky more than an ignorant Christian ever would. In my opinion its them who are missing out because of their superstitious beliefs!


Comment 1 (8) by JasonL on 2005-02-15 at 23:27:13:

Well said my friend, nice entry.


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