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List Pages by Average Comment on 12 July 2020 at 19:28

This shows the average score for each page. A score of 1 indicates only very positive comments made, a score of 2.5 indicates half postivie and half negative, and a score of 4 indicates only the most negative comments were made.

downcast bestios mac menu owen1.01 
f1113 f111 aerobatics warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen1.01 
realracing bestios mac menu owen1.03 
tummalisamovie tummelisa warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen1.01 
warbirds01 warbirds2017 aircraft menu owen1.02 
warbirds02 warbirds2017 aircraft menu owen1.01 
warbirds04 warbirds2017 aircraft menu owen1.02 
warbirds05 warbirds2017 aircraft menu owen1.03 
warbirds2017 aircraft menu owen1.01 
critwhyevil critiques religion comments others menu owen1.033 
bridge5 misc photography menu owen1.45 
sierra core macosx mac menu owen1.52 
warbirds03 warbirds2017 aircraft menu owen1.65 
warbirds01 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen1.666 
celica cars other menu owen1.73 
kids misc photography menu owen1.79 
warbirds04a warbirds2017 aircraft menu owen1.79 
critquestions critiques religion comments others menu owen1.7180 
nzjoker misc photography menu owen1.714 
ngc3918 objects astro menu owen1.8963 
waiholaswans otago newzealand photography menu owen1.881 
warbirds11 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen1.8137 
theology philosophy religion comments others menu owen1.870 
warbirds13 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen1.8134 
aramoana3 beaches newzealand photography menu owen1.876 
moeraki otago newzealand photography menu owen1.845 
bridge queenstown newzealand photography menu owen1.855 
roadbush southernalps newzealand photography menu owen1.857 
moeraki3 otago newzealand photography menu owen1.872 
viewofhanmer southernalps newzealand photography menu owen1.864 
yacht misc photography menu owen1.85 
starrynight new best mac menu owen1.842 
warbirds02 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen1.884 
ww1 warbirds2004 aircraft menu owen1.8584 
silvergold musicseven comments other menu owen1.8101 
jets warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen1.81209 
sunsetmountains fiordland newzealand photography menu owen1.858 
contrastbrightness tips photography menu owen1.8755 
aerobatics6 aerobatics warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen1.8184 
jets2004 warbirds2004 aircraft menu owen1.81079 
kaiteri nelson newzealand photography menu owen1.838 
lakeandtrees queenstown newzealand photography menu owen1.960 
m104 messier astro menu owen1.9774 
sunset2 beaches newzealand photography menu owen1.962 
keyboardfix tiplist tips mac menu owen1.97 
pilots warbirds1996 aircraft menu owen1.9836 
voyager old best mac menu owen1.975 
wordperfect old best mac menu owen1.962 
glendhu wanaka newzealand photography menu owen1.972 
robbieburns dunedin newzealand photography menu owen1.9497 
aramoana2 beaches newzealand photography menu owen1.991 
bridge3 misc photography menu owen1.99 
diagram nzjoker misc photography menu owen1.99 
rallyshift more best mac menu owen1.938 
iroquois airforce warbirds1998 aircraft menu owen1.9705 
bridge2 others misc photography menu owen1.9683 
modes tips photography menu owen1.9194 
tussock kaikoura newzealand photography menu owen1.962 
weareallmade music comments other menu owen1.921 
omniweb best mac menu owen1.9554 
warbirds03 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen1.9373 
settings tiplist tips mac menu owen1.912 
karitane otago newzealand photography menu owen1.973 
hornet old best mac menu owen1.961 
science religion comments others menu owen1.9612 
seti computers other menu owen1.9709 
dragonfly jets warbirds1998 aircraft menu owen1.9480 
warbirds02a warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen1.9175 
spanish others misc photography menu owen1.9455 
edge540-movie edge540 warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen1.9669 
oni more best mac menu owen1.947 
lakewanaka3 wanaka newzealand photography menu owen1.9402 
findfile tiplist tips mac menu owen1.9275 
waihola2 waihola newzealand photography menu owen1.9118 
photoshop old best mac menu owen1.952 
critgreatest critiques religion comments others menu owen1.9107 
bulletbluesky music comments other menu owen1.9236 
workoffice computers other menu owen1.9723 
la9 warbirds2004 aircraft menu owen1.9632 
bridge2 misc photography menu owen1.919 
panorama best mac menu owen1.9479 
hellsgates2 queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.064 
alexandrafrost wanaka newzealand photography menu owen2.0571 
jets warbirds1998 aircraft menu owen2.0700 
olgas others misc photography menu owen2.0386 
m8 messier astro menu owen2.0506 
weareallmade music2003 music comments other menu owen2.0209 
photoshop best mac menu owen2.0353 
waihola newzealand photography menu owen2.0238 
m80 messier astro menu owen2.0551 
terminate terminal tips mac menu owen2.0468 
wordperfect best mac menu owen2.0382 
ufos opinions comments other menu owen2.0647 
panorama old best mac menu owen2.052 
roadsky centralotago newzealand photography menu owen2.0482 
concertofluteharp music comments other menu owen2.0251 
lamp others misc photography menu owen2.0398 
redhilltown music comments other menu owen2.0260 
kiwiblue rnzaf warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.0704 
myth more best mac menu owen2.030 
aurora misc photography menu owen2.032 
treespark dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.0741 
officeproblems tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0263 
bulletbluesky musicseven comments other menu owen2.0132 
maruiasprings southernalps newzealand photography menu owen2.033 
waterfall southcoast newzealand photography menu owen2.033 
diagram kids6 kids misc photography menu owen2.0465 
university dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.0449 
cameras intro photography menu owen2.0316 
mountains2 newzealand photography menu owen2.0424 
oldlove music comments other menu owen2.0253 
silverandgold music comments other menu owen2.0253 
hornetoif best mac menu owen2.0181 
mtjohn3 canterbury newzealand photography menu owen2.037 
pelorus marlborough newzealand photography menu owen2.037 
ssh terminal tips mac menu owen2.0423 
imagesize tips photography menu owen2.0160 
su31 warbirds1998 aircraft menu owen2.0560 
m20 messier astro menu owen2.0538 
filetypes tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0303 
m22 messier astro menu owen2.0521 
warbirds01a warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.087 
pride music comments other menu owen2.0272 
unreal more best mac menu owen2.048 
grep tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0294 
sunsettwo sunsets misc photography menu owen2.0153 
bleriot-movie bleriot warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.0505 
hornet best mac menu owen2.0342 
pockettanks best mac menu owen2.0570 
myth best mac menu owen2.0354 
sharepoints tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0295 
i153-movie i153 warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.0488 
warbirds1992 aircraft menu owen2.0765 
geoport tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0321 
veteran music comments other menu owen2.0260 
lakeshore queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.0459 
explosion other misc photography menu owen2.0461 
rnzaf warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.0740 
lakewanaka2 wanaka newzealand photography menu owen2.0433 
stories religion comments others menu owen2.0504 
warbirds12 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.0144 
scsiprobe tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0362 
warbirds04 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.078 
kids3 kids misc photography menu owen2.0546 
attack warbirds1996 aircraft menu owen2.0507 
hallelujah music comments other menu owen2.0216 
warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.0215 
warbirds10 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.0118 
milford newzealand photography menu owen2.0449 
skyhawk warbirds1996 aircraft menu owen2.0626 
processes terminal tips mac menu owen2.0493 
warbirds1996 aircraft menu owen2.0664 
1812overture music comments other menu owen2.0434 
glendhubay wanaka newzealand photography menu owen2.0519 
tricks microsoft computers other menu owen2.01036 
astronomy music comments other menu owen2.0267 
officexcrash tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0294 
macosxlauncher tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0314 
trees newzealand photography menu owen2.0399 
mtjohn2 newzealand photography menu owen2.0424 
fixinghangs terminal tips mac menu owen2.0430 
fielddepth tips photography menu owen2.0554 
bbedit old best mac menu owen2.045 
cars realracing bestios mac menu owen2.02 
critiques religion comments others menu owen2.06 
f1112 f111 aerobatics warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.01 
f1115 f111 aerobatics warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.01 
foreignscripts tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0314 
joancrawford music comments other menu owen2.0265 
katatjuta2 others misc photography menu owen2.01 
keyboardscreen tiplist tips mac menu owen2.09 
kids2 misc photography menu owen2.05 
kids8 misc photography menu owen2.03 
macosxprocesses tiplist tips mac menu owen2.014 
rangiora kaikoura newzealand photography menu owen2.081 
response1 philosophy religion comments others menu owen2.04 
safarispeed tiplist tips mac menu owen2.06 
skyhawk airforce warbirds1998 aircraft menu owen2.0697 
warbirds02a warbirds2017 aircraft menu owen2.05 
warbirds06 warbirds2017 aircraft menu owen2.02 
warbirds06a warbirds2017 aircraft menu owen2.01 
bridge3 others misc photography menu owen2.0581 
pram tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0366 
tips microsoft computers other menu owen2.0937 
macosxprefs tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0291 
core macosx mac menu owen2.0527 
pianoconcerto1 music comments other menu owen2.0261 
me109 warbirds1996 aircraft menu owen2.0518 
top terminal tips mac menu owen2.0514 
privileges terminal tips mac menu owen2.0470 
sunset newzealand photography menu owen2.0642 
pelorus newzealand photography menu owen2.0395 
warbirds13a warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.0184 
menuclock tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0317 
deepstream taierigorge newzealand photography menu owen2.0471 
macosxspeed tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0307 
pages best mac menu owen2.0154 
sunset3 newzealand photography menu owen2.0460 
evolution science religion comments others menu owen2.0604 
throwingstones nelson newzealand photography menu owen2.0556 
f1113 f111 warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.0527 
gestures tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0315 
printingjams tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0299 
kaikoura newzealand photography menu owen2.0589 
kids7 kids misc photography menu owen2.0471 
apple computers other menu owen2.02342 
mtjohn3 newzealand photography menu owen2.0364 
warbirds04a warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.0175 
warbirds06 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.087 
warbirds01a warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.01224 
priority terminal tips mac menu owen2.0489 
olgas2 others misc photography menu owen2.0469 
museum5 dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.0365 
waverley dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.0527 
kaiteriteri nelson newzealand photography menu owen2.0518 
aurora astro misc photography menu owen2.0326 
enemyengaged best mac menu owen2.0161 
bleriot warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.0516 
sunrise wanaka newzealand photography menu owen2.0499 
desktop macosx mac menu owen2.0644 
alliwantisyou music comments other menu owen2.0244 
queenspark2 southland newzealand photography menu owen2.048 
reflections2 centralotago newzealand photography menu owen2.0473 
ngc5128 objects astro menu owen2.0560 
thenight music comments other menu owen2.0186 
hindon taierigorge newzealand photography menu owen2.0587 
rx7 cars other menu owen2.0766 
museum4 dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.0478 
map tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0346 
cordia cars other menu owen2.0729 
warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.083 
warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.0620 
spotmetering tips photography menu owen2.0567 
weareallmade musicthree music comments other menu owen2.0121 
kids2 kids misc photography menu owen2.0599 
sunset5 newzealand photography menu owen2.0318 
seddonbridge kaikoura newzealand photography menu owen2.078 
lakefrankton queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.0305 
viewsounds nelson newzealand photography menu owen2.0530 
kids6 kids misc photography menu owen2.0336 
gettingstarted terminal tips mac menu owen2.0556 
itunes new best mac menu owen2.037 
concertotwentyfour music comments other menu owen2.0184 
edge540 warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.0555 
mtjohn4 newzealand photography menu owen2.0308 
milkyway astro misc photography menu owen2.0429 
evophil science religion comments others menu owen2.0130 
racer new best mac menu owen2.032 
sunset2 newzealand photography menu owen2.0601 
eudoraproblems tiplist tips mac menu owen2.0304 
olgas3 others misc photography menu owen2.0485 
omegacen objects astro menu owen2.0747 
airforce2004 warbirds2004 aircraft menu owen2.0464 
delete terminal tips mac menu owen2.0509 
walkinginbush canterbury newzealand photography menu owen2.084 
homeoffice computers other menu owen2.0665 
remarkables queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.0663 
bridge others misc photography menu owen2.0599 
f1112 f111 warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.0537 
mountains3 newzealand photography menu owen2.0373 
racer best mac menu owen2.0417 
bridge misc photography menu owen2.026 
tarantula objects astro menu owen2.0542 
sunset4 newzealand photography menu owen2.0409 
hurricane warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.0530 
applications macosx mac menu owen2.0591 
vampire jets warbirds1998 aircraft menu owen2.0533 
beethoven9 music comments other menu owen2.0290 
skippersroad queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.0457 
composition tips photography menu owen2.0166 
pathfinder best mac menu owen2.0426 
m42 messier astro menu owen2.0518 
museum3 dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.0543 
m41 messier astro menu owen2.0563 
aerobatics warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.0726 
museum2 dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.0769 
plainmountain centralotago newzealand photography menu owen2.0410 
cityview dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.0453 
itunes best mac menu owen2.0473 
sunset nelson newzealand photography menu owen2.0559 
m6 messier astro menu owen2.0492 
manualfocus tips photography menu owen2.0546 
warbirds08 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.0105 
cropping tips photography menu owen2.0375 
museum dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.0838 
m55 messier astro menu owen2.0545 
harvards warbirds1996 aircraft menu owen2.0581 
tummalisa warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.1716 
hurricane-movie hurricane warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.1487 
etacar objects astro menu owen2.1677 
taieriplain taierigorge newzealand photography menu owen2.1545 
su312004 warbirds2004 aircraft menu owen2.1470 
tussock centralotago newzealand photography menu owen2.1506 
kids8 kids misc photography menu owen2.1451 
spitfire warbirds1998 aircraft menu owen2.1518 
i153 warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.1827 
lakewanaka wanaka newzealand photography menu owen2.1438 
mountains newzealand photography menu owen2.1454 
lytteltonview canterbury newzealand photography menu owen2.183 
spitfire-movie hurricane warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.1588 
humour opinions comments other menu owen2.1506 
parera taierigorge newzealand photography menu owen2.1455 
practice religion comments others menu owen2.1568 
warbirds12a warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.11358 
bungybridge queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.1538 
heavymetal warbirds1996 aircraft menu owen2.1509 
man terminal tips mac menu owen2.1447 
laketrees queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.1460 
waterfall newzealand photography menu owen2.1459 
more2004 warbirds2004 aircraft menu owen2.1483 
cardrona wanaka newzealand photography menu owen2.1591 
moonhoax opinions comments other menu owen2.1747 
digital intro photography menu owen2.1463 
jesus stories religion comments others menu owen2.1170 
pukerangi taierigorge newzealand photography menu owen2.1538 
creation stories religion comments others menu owen2.1198 
blackfalcons rnzaf warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.1607 
philosophy religion comments others menu owen2.1451 
f1car warbirds1996 aircraft menu owen2.1604 
unreal best mac menu owen2.1437 
m16 messier astro menu owen2.1237 
veteran musicseven comments other menu owen2.1104 
yacht other misc photography menu owen2.1318 
university2 dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.1401 
conventional intro photography menu owen2.1468 
pipes terminal tips mac menu owen2.1464 
warbirds2004 aircraft menu owen2.1572 
omakau centralotago newzealand photography menu owen2.1473 
safari new best mac menu owen2.160 
blossom other misc photography menu owen2.1191 
info warbirds1996 aircraft menu owen2.1494 
atheism philosophy religion comments others menu owen2.1141 
transitional science religion comments others menu owen2.1221 
m1 messier astro menu owen2.1530 
skippersroad3 queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.1483 
thenotches taierigorge newzealand photography menu owen2.1477 
reflections centralotago newzealand photography menu owen2.1476 
crithurts critiques religion comments others menu owen2.1124 
wingatuiviaduct taierigorge newzealand photography menu owen2.1517 
age stories religion comments others menu owen2.1156 
mtjohn newzealand photography menu owen2.1390 
kawaraubridge queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.1472 
bigbang science religion comments others menu owen2.1525 
albatrosses beaches newzealand photography menu owen2.185 
warbirds09 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.1572 
sunset3 beaches newzealand photography menu owen2.1115 
chardfarm queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.1516 
nzjoker people misc photography menu owen2.1442 
quotes opinions comments other menu owen2.1568 
directory terminal tips mac menu owen2.1526 
island2 southland newzealand photography menu owen2.157 
faq science religion comments others menu owen2.1208 
warbirds1998 aircraft menu owen2.1723 
kids4 kids misc photography menu owen2.1402 
tribute music comments other menu owen2.1218 
pride musicseven comments other menu owen2.1133 
safari best mac menu owen2.1362 
ground3 ground warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.1229 
m4 messier astro menu owen2.1482 
road southcoast newzealand photography menu owen2.161 
reefshotel taierigorge newzealand photography menu owen2.1588 
tummalisamovie tummalisa warbirds2000 aircraft menu owen2.1793 
portchalmers beaches newzealand photography menu owen2.160 
kids kids misc photography menu owen2.1282 
oni best mac menu owen2.1375 
ngc253 objects astro menu owen2.1654 
warbirds11a warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.1161 
starrynight best mac menu owen2.1371 
astronomy musicseven comments other menu owen2.190 
birthday people misc photography menu owen2.1385 
bridge4 misc photography menu owen2.18 
colinmcrae best mac menu owen2.124 
warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.1312 
warbirds08 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.1174 
warbirds06a warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.1115 
waihola1 waihola newzealand photography menu owen2.199 
alliwantisyou musicseven comments other menu owen2.1178 
redhill musicseven comments other menu owen2.1140 
carisbrook dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.1454 
airforce warbirds1998 aircraft menu owen2.1894 
47tuc objects astro menu owen2.1568 
stream dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.1537 
sunsetone sunsets misc photography menu owen2.1214 
attack2004 warbirds2004 aircraft menu owen2.1590 
mig jets warbirds1998 aircraft menu owen2.1493 
warbirds12 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.1126 
intaglio best mac menu owen2.1153 
warbirds04 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.1124 
concertoflute musicseven comments other menu owen2.1137 
skippersroad2 queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.1438 
discussion philosophy religion comments others menu owen2.1210 
morningweather marlborough newzealand photography menu owen2.258 
oldlove musicseven comments other menu owen2.2161 
carisbrook2 dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.263 
sunset5 beaches newzealand photography menu owen2.243 
treelakemounts queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.255 
voyager best mac menu owen2.2475 
joancrawford musicseven comments other menu owen2.2105 
kids5 kids misc photography menu owen2.2676 
response philosophy religion comments others menu owen2.2123 
warbirds05 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.2217 
warbirds01 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.2182 
old warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.21074 
maruiafalls canterbury newzealand photography menu owen2.273 
prelude cars other menu owen2.21344 
diagram nzjoker people misc photography menu owen2.2359 
sunsetbird sunsets misc photography menu owen2.2149 
concertoone musicseven comments other menu owen2.2178 
m17 messier astro menu owen2.2200 
queenspark southland newzealand photography menu owen2.260 
reflections fiordland newzealand photography menu owen2.245 
warbirds03a warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.2141 
amadeus best mac menu owen2.2258 
framing tips photography menu owen2.2211 
catlinshills southcoast newzealand photography menu owen2.250 
rivermountains canterbury newzealand photography menu owen2.295 
warbirds02 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.2114 
warbirds06 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.2179 
mtjohn4 canterbury newzealand photography menu owen2.351 
waikouaiti otago newzealand photography menu owen2.397 
carisbrook3 dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.3168 
sunset4 beaches newzealand photography menu owen2.363 
island southland newzealand photography menu owen2.347 
ww2 warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.31164 
island3 southland newzealand photography menu owen2.360 
mountains3 southernalps newzealand photography menu owen2.335 
movement tips photography menu owen2.3177 
foorprints canterbury newzealand photography menu owen2.362 
kea fiordland newzealand photography menu owen2.344 
lakefromfrankton queenstown newzealand photography menu owen2.350 
warbirds12a warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.396 
ground4 ground warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.3278 
mountains southernalps newzealand photography menu owen2.333 
sunsetclouds sunsets misc photography menu owen2.3420 
beethovennine musicseven comments other menu owen2.3185 
leavingtunnel kaikoura newzealand photography menu owen2.374 
waiholasunrise otago newzealand photography menu owen2.348 
M7 messier astro menu owen2.3611 
inside music comments other menu owen2.3182 
warbirds11 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.3143 
bikinginbush marlborough newzealand photography menu owen2.354 
warbirds03 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.3146 
aramoana beaches newzealand photography menu owen2.362 
warbirds07 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.3226 
vines marlborough newzealand photography menu owen2.358 
mountains2 southernalps newzealand photography menu owen2.332 
warbirds05 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.396 
bullcreek southcoast newzealand photography menu owen2.349 
religion comments others menu owen2.3132 
nelsonsunset nelson newzealand photography menu owen2.457 
warbirds09 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.482 
critrefuting critiques religion comments others menu owen2.4123 
warbirds10 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.4236 
ground warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.4764 
frostalexandra wanaka newzealand photography menu owen2.462 
god skepticism comments other menu owen2.4236 
trees southland newzealand photography menu owen2.456 
warbirds13 warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.495 
geekjokes opinions comments other menu owen2.4171 
ufos skepticism comments other menu owen2.4118 
philonship marlborough newzealand photography menu owen2.470 
polikarpov warbirds1998 aircraft menu owen2.4872 
milford fiordland newzealand photography menu owen2.449 
airforce warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.4623 
warbirds10a warbirds2012 aircraft menu owen2.4225 
aramoana4 beaches newzealand photography menu owen2.456 
sunset beaches newzealand photography menu owen2.498 
id skepticism comments other menu owen2.4289 
mtjohn canterbury newzealand photography menu owen2.462 
theology skepticism comments other menu owen2.4351 
wariraq opinions comments other menu owen2.4967 
business opinions comments other menu owen2.5692 
shroud skepticism comments other menu owen2.5249 
politics opinions comments other menu owen2.5890 
f1115 f111 warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen2.51118 
mtjohn2 canterbury newzealand photography menu owen2.578 
microsoft computers other menu owen2.52958 
moeraki2 otago newzealand photography menu owen2.570 
globwarm skepticism comments other menu owen2.5380 
gunnhbomb fiordland newzealand photography menu owen2.550 
dowsing skepticism comments other menu owen2.5253 
altmed skepticism comments other menu owen2.5182 
creationism skepticism comments other menu owen2.5100 
urbanmyths skepticism comments other menu owen2.5270 
leavingtunnel fiordland newzealand photography menu owen2.542 
management opinions comments other menu owen2.6576 
nostradamus skepticism comments other menu owen2.6327 
clocktower dunedin newzealand photography menu owen2.648 
moonearthquake skepticism comments other menu owen2.6140 
bermuda skepticism comments other menu owen2.6246 
science skepticism comments other menu owen2.6327 
warbirds07 warbirds2010 aircraft menu owen2.6444 
sirius skepticism comments other menu owen2.6314 
subaru cars other menu owen2.71047 
f111 warbirds2006 aircraft menu owen1,547,180.81388 
versions macosx mac menu owen3,041,763.6706 
rallyshift best mac menu owen3,526,247.8609 
bbedit best mac menu owen4,772,187.9450 
warcraft best mac menu owen6,135,669.9350 

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