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Comment by alexi on 2006-11-26 at 15:52:37:

Macs suck and Microsoft is better a 100 percent and Macs can't play as much games what do I mean Macs can't play any games that why all PC rocks ps Mac are p.o.c. Macs can't do anything.


Comment by OJB on 2006-11-27 at 21:02:15:

If all you want to do is play games then a PC is probably a better idea. If you want to do creative and interesting things on your computer I would suggest a Mac is a better choice. Contrary to popular belief there are a lot of games for Macs, but I agree that there are far more for PCs.

With the introduction of the new Intel-based Macs everything has changed, because Mac users can now run PC games using a PC compatibility system, such as Boot Camp and Parallels. That way you can get the best of both worlds: plenty of PC games, plus the world's finest operating system (Mac OS X) to do all that cool creative stuff like making movies, making music, working with photos and graphics, creating web sites, etc.


Comment by sword_of_damocles on 2007-04-09 at 05:00:49:

Your comments are well taken overall, but in your third paragraph you stated that Microsoft "constantly abuses their monopolistic power" - c'mon. A monopoly IS abusive in and of itself and anything any monopoly does is simply acting out it's nature. You wouldn't say a snake is evil because it bites, suffocates then devours its meal would you? Of course not, it's simply acting out it's nature, it can't help it. The same goes for any monopoly. There's no such thing as a non-abusive "nice" monopoly, they're all in the game for one thing - profit. Most monopolies will live right on the edge of legality, pushing the envelope of "what can we get away with and not get sued". Any entity which attains enough market share to be classified a monopoly (right or wrong) will simply do whatever it can to stay there - it's the way of things.

Yes Apple computers and monitors are really cool and I love the new MacPro with dual, dual Xeon processors, room for 16GBs RAM and up to four 500GB hard drives (correct me if I'm wrong). Apple monitors are a sight to behold as well, very classy and pricey but you get what you pay for in most cases. Many professionals do use Apple for their work but unlike the days of 16bit processors (Mac) vs 8-bit processors, stability issues, etc, we have to say that MS has come a long way (boy did they take decades doing it though).

Another favorite of mine is Linux, Fedora in particular. Yes, constant updates but what the heck, all this and heaven too? :-)


Comment by OJB on 2007-04-09 at 11:49:27:

What I was saying is that being a monopoly doesn't require the company involved to excessively abuse that position. A monopoly doesn't have to be corrupt. A monopoly is just a dominant company: "monopoly (n): a company or group having exclusive control over a commodity or service". I think you've got a point though, because maybe its inevitable, given the way the capitalist system works, that anyone given monopoly power will abuse it.

I agree that Microsoft Windows has improved, but its still pretty poor compared with how good it should be when you take account of the amount of time and money put into it. I think that's another part of the monopolistic world view: don't change the formula, just keep churning out the same old rubbish.

I don't use Linux myself, because Mac OS X does everything I need (I get the world's best GUI and Unix, what more could I ask for?) but I totally support all alternatives to Microsoft products. I use Macs for servers but many of my colleagues use Linux and it does a great job.


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