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Classic Fighters Omaka, 2017

This is my report on the Classic Fighters Omaka Air Show for 2017. I had been to many Warbirds Over Wanaka shows in the past, but this was the first Omaka show I had attended. Omaka is a small airfield near the town of Blenheim at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. Most of the photos and videos were taken with my Canon dSLR but I also used my iPhone 6S whenI needed a wider angle (note that the photos and videos on this web site are much lower resolution than the originals).

[Old Planes]

Old Planes

The Omaka shows are well known for their displays of authentic replicas of vintage aircraft, mainly from the World War I era.

Photos of Old Planes

[Air Force]

Air Force

The Royal New Zealand Air Force displayed various aircraft, plus its parachute team, Kiwi Blue.

Air Force Photos and Kiwi Blue Movie

[The V1]

The V1

The V1 model is flying remote-controlled replica of the German terror weapon from World War II.

V1 Photos

[Yak 3]

Yak 3

Various models of the excellent World War II Russian fighter, including the Yak 3, were flown at the show.

Yak 3 Photos and Yak 3 Steadfast Movie

[Ground Forces]

Ground Forces

As well as the aircraft there was an impressive collection of replica tanks and other vehicles at the show.

Ground Forces Photos

[Other Planes]

Other Planes

I have put some photos of various unusual and interesting aircraft displayed at the show here.

Other Planes Photos and Corsair Movie


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