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Ground Forces

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Ground Forces

The air show also had an impressive collection of replica military vehicles, including Tanks from Word War I and II, a half-track, a field gun, and even a replica of the "Great Panjandrum", an experimental British device designed to roll across enemy defences and detonate to destroy a target. Rockets attached to the wheels provided propulsion. Tests showed it to be somewhat unpredictable and development was soon stopped.

Panzer IV Tank

The Panzer IV was a German medium tank of 25 tonnes with a 75 mm L/48 main gun. It was the most numerous German tank (8,500 made) and the only one made throughout the entire war. Power was provided by a Maybach HL 120 TRM 12-cylinder petrol engine producing 296 hp (220 kW).

Mark V Tank

The Mark V was a British tank which was used in the closing months of World War I. Two versions were built: one (male) with twin 6 pounder (27 mm) guns and four .303 in (7.7 mm) Hotchkiss Mk 1 machine guns, and the other (female) with six .303 in Hotchkiss Mk 1 machine guns.

Mark V Tank

These replica tanks looked very authentic and were fully powered. The Mark Vs were built out of wood at Weta Studios, and are based on a bulldozer.

Loading PIAT

These characters thought they needed to attack the Panzer, so they loaded a PIAT (a British anti-tank weapon) and scored a hit at a range of about 5 meters. The PIAT had a range of about 110 meters and was a reasonably effective weapon, at least initially.

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