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The V1 flying bomb was a German weapon used in the latter part of World War 2. The "V" stood for Vergeltungswaffe or in English "Vengeance Weapon". The Allies called it the "buzz bomb", or "doodlebug". It was an early cruise missile, powered by a pulsejet, and was created in the famous Peenemunde Army Research Center.

Here's the specs for the original V1...
Weight: 2,150 kg
Length: 8.32 m
Width: 5.37 m
Height: 1.42 m
Warhead: 850 kg of Amatol-39
Range: 250 km
Speed: 640 km/h
Operational altitude: 600 to 900 m
Guidance: gyrocompass based autopilot

V1 on Launcher

Disappointingly, this replica does not use a pulse jet! However it does fly really well and is powered by a 30kW electric motor. The motor uses 600 amps at 50 volts which means the LiPo battery pack only lasts about 20 cycles. 50 mm square aluminium bars are required to carry the current! Red LEDs at the rear of the engine simulate a jet exhaust.

The V1 is launched from the structure seen in the photo above. Initial propulsion down the ramp comes from a bungy cord providing 350 kg to 200 kg (at launch) of extra thrust.

Sources: Wikipedia: V1 Flying Bomb, Classic Fighters Omaka 2017 Programme.

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