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Hawker Hurricane

The Hawker Hurricane isn't as well known as the famous Spitfire, but during the early part of World War II when Spitfires weren't available the Hurricane had to do most of the work for the RAF. They fought against the German Bltzkrieg invasion in the Battle of France, provided air support during the evacuation of Dunkirk, and scored more kills during the Battle of Britain than any other aircraft.

Hurricane P3351C was flown at the show for the first time, and is the result of six years of restoration work. It was built in 1940 and was used in many areas including France and Russia. Several new engines and upgrades were fitted, largely as a result of a series of accidents. Airworthy Hurricanes are very rare and only about 6 remain in the world.


The Mark XVI Supermarine Spitfire is powered by the Packard Merlin 266 engine developing 1580 hp which drives a 4 blade wooden laminate propellor. The wing span is 36' 10", the length 31' 1" and the height approx 12" 8". The aircraft weighs 7,500 pounds. Maximum speed is 416 mph, ceiling 43,000 feet and range is 430 miles.

Spitfire Movie



The Hurricane was produced from 1937 and 1944 and has a wing span of 40 feet, length of 32 feet and a loaded weight of 8250 lbs. The V12 Rolls Royce Merlin engine produces 1280 hp for a maximum speed of 335 mph (these specs are for the IIc variant).

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