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Spitfire Movie

The Supermarine Spitfire, powered by the Packard Merlin engine, rumbles overhead during its flying display with the Hurricane. The Spitfire served throughout World War II and was used in many theaters, and with many nations, including the USA and the Soviet Union as well as Britain. Over 20,000 Spitfires were produced and about 50 remain airworthy today (which is a reasonably high number by World War II warbird standards).

There were many variants of the Spitfire produced over its lifetime (which was about 20 years) including: Mk IB: Four 7.7-mm (0.303-inch) guns and two 20-mm cannon, the Mk V with more powerful Merlin engine, the Mk VII: High-altitude interceptor with pressurized cockpit and retractable tailwheel, the Mk XIV with Griffon 65/66 engine with five-bladed propeller, strengthened fuselage, broad tail, the Seafire Mk IIC with a catapult hook and strengthened landing gear, and the Seafire Mk III with double folding wings and a 1,585-hp Merlin 55 engine.

Use the controller above to watch the Spitfire fly past (this requires Quicktime, and is a moderately large movie). I apologise for the poor quality of this movie but it was originally encoded in the "early days" of internet video!


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