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Ground Movie 4

This is a replica of Burt Munro's old Indian Scout motorcycle which he used to set speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the 1960s.

He first visited Bonneville in 1962 and set a world record of 178.971 mph with the original capacity of the engine increased to 850cc. In 1963 a con-rod broke while he was traveling at about 195 mph. In 1967, he had increased the capacity of the engine again to 950cc and set a class record of 183.586 mph. During qualification he made a one-way run of 190.07 mph (his fastest official time). During his visit of 1967 he got the speed wobbles and to steady the bike he sat up. The wind tore his goggles off and he couldn't see a thing. He lay down the bike and didn't do too much damage. At the time he was traveling at close to 206 mph (this incident is illustrated in the movie).

Use the controller above to view the bike zooming down the runway (this requires a modern HTML5 browser which supports the H.264 codec, and is an approximately 140K movie). Thank you to Denise Moulin for providing this video which she captured with her compact digital camera..


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