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Ground Forces

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Ground Forces

The New Zealand Army has 105 of these light armoured vehicles, known as NZLAVs, built by General Motors Defense, Canada. It is an eight-wheeled light armoured vehicle, which is crewed by three soldiers, and is designed to carry seven soldiers and equipment in the back. It has a 25mm cannon in a turret and two 7.62mm machine-guns. They have been in use in New Zealand since 13 August 2004, and are also used in the US, Canada and Australia.

It has 8 large wheels instead of tracks and can be driven on New Zealand roads. It can be driven with all 8 tyres flat because of run flat inserts inside the tyres, and it can even still be driven if it has a wheel blown off each side!

More Photos

Ground Forces

Here's a mock battle scene, with a jeep with a machine gun mounted in the back parked outside what appears to be a burned out building.

Some of these scenes were really well set up, and they added to the authenticity and interest of the vehicles and other displays.

Ground Forces

This is another mock battle scene, with some World War II soldiers with a German military car (a Kubelwagen reproduction, built on a Volkswagen chassis) outside a wrecked building fascia.


Ground Forces

In previous shows there have been various high-speed racing vehicles including: a Formula 1 car, a racing truck, V8s, etc. This year we had a replica of the famous highly modified Indian motorbike that Burt Munro used to set a world speed record.

Burt was a famous New Zealander who is the subject of the movie "The World's Fastest Indian". He spent most of his life modifying an ancient Indian Scout to eventually race it at over 200 miles per hour.


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