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The good old Harvards make regular appearances and are often used in mock attacks on the airfield and various other tasks. The Harvard is the name used outside the US for the T-6 Texan, a trainer aircraft developed and used in World War II and the 1950s.


Harvards are popular warbirds. Over 17,000 Texans were built and over 350 are still flying. They have also been used in movies to represent more rare aircraft.

Crew: two (student and instructor)
Length: 8.84 meters
Wingspan: 12.81 m
Height: 3.57 m
Wing area: 23.6 m^2
Empty weight: 1,886 kg
Loaded weight: 2,548 kg
Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN-1 Wasp radial engine, 450 kW (600 hp)
Maximum speed: 335 km/h at 1,500 m
Cruise speed: 233 km/h
Range: 1,175 km
Service ceiling: 7,400 m
Armament: Provision for up to 3 x 7.62 mm machine gun

Sources: Wikipedia, Warbird Alley, Warbirds Over Wanaka 2010 Programme.

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