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Warbirds Over Wanaka, 2010

This is my report on the Warbirds Over Wanaka Air Show for 2010. I've chosen some of the highlights and more unusual displays for this web site. I used my latest digital camera, a Canon EOS500D with a 75-300 mm (effective focal length almost 500mm) for most of these photos. The 500D also does HD video which I have included (but at a reduced quality).



Jurgis Kairys - sometimes known as the mad Lithuanian - has made several appearances at the Warbirds Over Wanaka show and his displays of "well organised chaos" are always great to watch.

More Jurgis Photos and a Movie



The Royal Australian Air Force sent four F/A-18 Hornet fighters, which are the most modern warbirds ever to fly at the air show.

More Hornet Photos

[Van Drop]

Van Drop

The Royal New Zealand Air Force displayed various aircraft and they used the Iroquois helicopter to perform this humorous stunt dropping and smashing an old van.

More Photos of the Van Drop



The good old Harvards make regular appearances and are often used in mock attacks on the airfield and various other tasks.

More Harvard Photos

[Wing Walker]

Wing Walker

I have never seen wing walking at the air show before. Peggy Krainz has been wing walking for about 10 years and she has done about 600 displays in that time.

More Photos of the Wing Walker



The Zero is a World War II fighter which has never been displayed at Warbirds before. They are very rare and this is one of only three airworthy examples still existing.

More Photos of the Zero



For many people the Spitfire is the ultimate World War II fighter. I've heard some people say that this elegant aircraft is just too beautiful to be a weapon of war!

More Spitfire Photos

[Ground Attack]

Ground Attack

The show always includes ground displays of military vehicles as well as aircraft. There is usually a mock battle involving these jeeps, tanks, and various weapons, with lots of fake explosions of course!

More Ground Attack Photos



The RNZAF "Kiwi Blue" parachute team with their smoke trails always produce a colourful and entertaining display.

More Photos of Parachutes

[RNZAF Display]

RNZAF Display

The RNZAF displayed a variety of aircraft at the show including the venerable Iroquois helicopter which first flew in 1956 and is due for replacement in the RNZAF by 2013.

More Photos of the RNZAF Display

[Jurgis Again]

Jurgis Again

Jurgis returned in the afternoon and flew an interesting combination with the DC3, looping around it with apparently very little clearance!

More Photos of Jurgis Again

[Hornets Return]

Hornets Return

The mighty F/A-18 Hornets returned for a second display of precision formation flying. And they certainly were making plenty of noise!

More Photos and Movie of the Return of the Hornets



There were plenty of other aircraft flying too, including the superb Yak 3 which was arguably the best fighter of World War II.

More Photos


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