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Jurgis and DC3

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Jurgis Again

Jurgis returned in the afternoon and flew an interesting combination with the DC3, looping around it with apparently very little clearance! You can see how small the Juka is compared tp the DC3 in the photo above.

Jurgis and DC3

DC3 Specifications...
Crew: 2
Capacity: 21-32 passengers
Length: 19.7 m
Wingspan: 29.0 m
Height: 5.16 m
Wing area: 91.7 m^2
Empty weight: 8,300 kg
Loaded weight: 11,400 kg
Powerplant (early): 2 x Wright R-1820 Cyclone 9 series
Powerplant (later): 2 x Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp S1C3G (895 kW)
Propellers: 3-bladed Hamilton Standard 23E50 series hydraulically controlled constant speed, feathering
Maximum speed: 381 km/h
Cruise speed: 240 km/h
Range: 1,650 km
Service ceiling: 7,300 m
Rate of climb: 5.73 m/s initial
Wing loading: 125 kg/m^2
Power/mass: 157 W/kg

Sources: RNZAF, Warbirds Over Wanaka 2010 Programme.

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