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Warbirds Over Wanaka, 1998

For more information and a close-up view of any photo just click on the photo or click on the link "Photo". To hear the awesome sound of these machines click the link labelled "Sound".



The Polikarpov I-16

The Polikarpov fighters were one of the features of this years show. These stumpy little machines were great to watch in the sky and even more fun to watch landing! Landing them seemed to be the only thing that created a bit of a challenge for some of the pilots!

Photos and Info   Sound

[Polikarpov I-16]


The Sukhoi Su-31

Continuing the theme of Russian aircraft is the Sukhoi Su-31. This incredible modern aerobatics aircraft has an excellent power to weight ratio and maneuvorability. It did some unbelievable aerobatics in the skies over Wanaka and has gained top placings at several international aerobatics competitions.

Photos and Info

[Sukhoi Su-31]


The Air Force Display

The Air Force is a regular participant in the show and again displayed various aircraft. The Red Chequers display team, Iriquois helicopter, Andover transport and parachute team were all displayed then, when everyone was looking the other way, the A4 Skyhawk screamed down the runway at low altitude and high speed giving the spectators a hell of a fright!

Photo and Info   A-4 Movie   Iroquois Movie

[Air Force Aircraft]



What airshow would be complete without a Spitfire? The Alpine Fighter Collection owns this one which they bought in 1987. It was originally flown by the the RAAF 453 Squadron.

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A Collection of Jets

The old prop-driven planes are great but there is nothing like a few ultra-noisy, fast jets to really liven things up! Here are three older jets flown at the display, see also the Air Force section for information about the A-4 Skyhawk.

Photo & Info   MiG Movie   Dragonfly Movie   Vampire Movie



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