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Site Index

This is an index of some of the main areas on this web site. As you can see it covers an interesting variety of different topics! This is just a list of the main areas - there are over 3500 individual pages on my site. Just click in the name column to go directly to the page described. You can also navigate this site normally by starting at the main menu (home page) and following the hierarchy of topics.

- Adelaide Photos. Photos taken around Adelaide while at a conference (2003).
- Air Force Display 1998. A brief report on the RNZAF display at the 1998 Wanaka Air Show.
- Air Force Display 2000. A report on the RNZAF display at the 2000 Wanaka Air Show.
- Air Show Information. Pictures, sounds and movies from Warbirds Over Wanaka.
- Astronomy Favourite Objects. My favourite astronomical objects to observe.
- Astronomy Information. Catalogs, photographs and information.
- Beer. Some information and tasting notes on local beers.
- Birthday Photos. Stories and photos from family birthdays.
- Blog. Hundreds of opinions, comments, and information on a weird variety of topics!
- Cars. Information and pictures about cars I have driven and owned.
- Central Otago Photography. Pictures from Central.
- Christianity. Some opinions on the validity and relevance of Christianity.
- Comments and Opinions. Comments and some controversy about religion, politics, music.
- Computer Info. Information and pictures about my computers and how they are used.
- Contact Information. A list of various ways I can be contacted.
- Dinosaurs. Photos from the Dinosaur Exhibition at Otago Museum.
- Dock Tips. Using Mac OS X's dock feature efficiently.
- Dunedin Photography. Photos from around the city of Dunedin.
- Evolution. Why I believe evolution is a basically sound theory.
- Favourite Porgrams. Information about my favourite Mac applications.
- Finder. Some tips on using the Mac OS X Finder.
- Golden Gate Bridge. Some photos of the bridge, and information about it.
- Holiday Photos. Photos from our holidays in New Zealand and overseas.
- I-153. Photos and a movie of the Polikarpov I-153 aircraft.
- Mac OS X Info. Information, tips and discussion on Mac OS X.
- Mac OS X Tips. Some tips on using Mac OS X's Finder and Desktop.
- Macintosh Info. Discussion, tips, information about Macintosh computers.
- Mac vs PC. Why I think Macs are better than PCs.
- Macintosh Tips. General tips for using Macintosh computers.
- Messier Catalog. Observing notes and information about selected Messier objects.
- Microsoft. Some information about why I don't like Microsoft.
- Microsoft Tricks. A list of some of Microsoft's dirty tricks and business practices.
- Moon Hoax. Did astronauts really land on the Moon?
- Museum. Photos of interesting stuff at Otago Museum.
- Music. A discussion of some of my favourite music.
- Nelson Photography. Photos from the Nelson region of New Zealand.
- New Zealand Photography. Photos and information.
- Opinions. Some of my opinions on various topics.
- Photography Info. Examples and discussion of photography and techniques.
- Photography Tips. Some tips on how to take better photos.
- Politics. Some comments on the dismal state of world politics!
- Prelude Information. Comments and information about the Honda Prelude.
- Programs. A description of some of my major programs.
- Project List. A list of my programming and other computer projects.
- Queenstown Photos. Photos from the Queenstown area.
- Religion Comments. Some comments and opinions about religious beliefs.
- RNZAF Display Photos. From the 1996 Warbirds Over Wanaka show.
- RX7 Information. My experiences as a Mazda RX7 owner.
- San Francisco Photos. Photos taken around San Francisco while at a conference (1995).
- SETI At Home. Information about my SETI at home distributed network efforts.
- Skepticism. A section on what skepticism is all about, and why its a good thing.
- Sunset Photos. Examples and some notes on sunset and low light photography.
- Sydney Photos. Photos taken around Sydney while on holiday there (2001).
- Sydney Harbour Bridge. Some photos of the famous bridge.
- Te Anau Photos. Photos taken around Te Anau while on holiday there (2003).
- UFOs. Some opinions on the authenticity of the UFO phenomenon.
- Unix for Mac OS X. Using Unix utilities and the command line for Mac OS X.
- Unix Tips. Tips on using Unix utilities in Mac OS X.
- Vineyard List. A list of New Zealand vineyards, with contact information.
- Wanaka Photos. Photos from the Wanaka area.
- War in Iraq. An opinion on this war.
- Warbirds Over Wanaka. Pictures, sounds and movies from the air show.
- Wine. Discussion of (mainly South Island, New Zealand) wine.
- Wine Tasting. Tips on wine tasting, making good notes, serving wine, etc.

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