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Iroquois   Seasprite   Agusta 109   Hercules   Kiwi Blue   Boeing 777   Glider   Avenger   Bristol Fighter

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Warbirds Over Wanaka, 2012

This is my report on the Warbirds Over Wanaka Air Show for 2012. Along with many old favourites, such as the Spitfire and Kittyhawk, there were some new aircraft I hadn't seen before so I have concentrated on those in this report. I also tried to take more video this year using the HD video mode on my Canon dSLR (note that the videos on this web site are much lower resolution than the originals).



After 40 years of use in the RNZAF he Iroquois is being replaced by the NH90 but the Huey is still a great machine.

More Iroquois Photos and a Movie



The Seasprite is operated from frigates by the New Zealand Navy in conjunction with the RNZAF.

More Seasprite Photos and a Movie

[Agusta 109]

Agusta 109

The AgustaWestland AW109 is a lightweight, multi-purpose helicopter first flown in 1971 and now used in transport, medevac, search and rescue, and military roles.

More Agusta 109 Photos and a Movie



The Hercules was introduced in the early 1950s and is still in use by a large number of air forces around the world.

More Hercules Photos and a Movie

[Kiwi Blue]

Kiwi Blue

The New Zealand air force parachute team, Kiwi Blue, always put on a precision display.

More Kiwi Blue Photos

[Boeing 777]

Boeing 777

The Air New Zealand Boeing 777 flew a few circuits around the airport and it looked really good in its black and white colour scheme.

More Boeing 777 Photos and a Movie



The Schleicher glider flew a short aerobatic routine and it was impressive to see how far it can fly unpowered.

More Glider Photos



The Grumman Avenger was a torpedo bomber introduced in 1942 and still in use (although in a highly modified form) in the 1960s.

More Avenger Photos

[Bristol Fighter]

Bristol Fighter

The New Zealand Permanent Air Force operated Bristol Fighters from 1919 to 1936. They were used for army support, aerial surveys and advanced training.

More Bristol Fighter Photos

[Fokker D8]

Fokker D8

This German WW1 fighter (sometimes called the "Flying Razor") didn't have an overabundance of power but its light weight made it quite fast and maneuverable.

More Fokker D8 Photos and a Movie



The Hawker Hunter is an impressive example of early jet design. It's one of the best looking aircraft around too!

More Hunter Photos and a Movie



The Strikemaster was a jet trainer used by the RNZAF after the Vampire and before the Aermacchi.

More Strikemaster Photos and a Movie

[Dove of Peace]

Dove of Peace

I like the name of this Mustang: "Dove of Peace". Yeah, right! The other Mustang in the area also has a good name: "Miss Torque"!

More Dove of Peace Photos and a Movie


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